Info 2016:

Windows XP, Vista, W7, and MAC need a shell to handle these DOS files.

The DOSBox will help you out. Download the tool for running AXIS safely and pasting the graphics directly into other Windows applications.  Free download and choose your operating system.

   In order to start an application in DOSBox, follow the simple guide here (PDF 44kb)

The maximum number of Scattering objects must be limited to 14.
This has been coded into the latest release 44 dated 20. september.

Latest AXIS release:  R44 dated 20 September 2015 

    For purchasing software or getting a new release, see Ordering.

Users Guide for AXIS ILS Simulation software R44

LOC antenna systems (ASY files) as zip or rar

Language files (AL10, 11 and 12) (GP10, 11 and 12) for R44

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